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  1. Wow! Awesome !! I like it, may we know what's the price of theme ? ^_^
  2. Guys i took iPhone 7 on Sunday (13/05/2017) It's awesome!
  3. Awesome! I like their web design!
  4. This thread has been closed. If you require further assistance, please create a new thread.
  5. Good! Well done!
  6. Happy Birthday Chyssler! 



  7. @Madness Thanks for your advice .. But i've decided to take iPhone 7
  8. I definetly decided to take Iphone 7 or 7 Plus ^_^ <3 Thanks @Nitair for your opinion and sharing with me your considerations <3
  9. Hello guys! I am in big problem ... I'll take in 2-3 weeks a new phone so i don't know which one to pick. At the moment i have Samsung Galaxy S4. But i wanted to get iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus. Now there's new brand Samsung Galaxy S7/Samsung Galaxy S8 .. Well i really don't know what to take, when you see from one angle there's better S8 than iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 plus ... I am looking on internet about those things, the differences between these phones ... I am really undecided, What do you consider me to take ? ^_^ I'll appreciate your consideration !
  10. Glad to see some 4.3.4 Cataclysm Server ^_^ Wishing best luck!
  11. Haahahahah never matter i just wanted to finish before everyone ^_^
  12. Hello guys! I have to ask! Is anyone of here playing League of Legends ? If so, write the SERVER and your Summoner Name Maybe we can do parties when are IP BOOSTS ^_^ ^_^