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  2. WOW! Awesome! Note : Don't copy and paste from other websites your announce .. Better remove some letter and rewrite it so it won't be like this black/white.
  3. Happy Birthday to Me ^_^ <3 

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  5. Syndicate-WoW Instant 85 Fun Realm, we currently roll 3 working raids, Baradin Hold, Bastion of Twilight and the new brand one (beta) Firelands. Note, our final goal is to open as many as possible Cataclysm expansion raids, with the help of our community surely we will! The loot structure I did is the following one (mandatory): 1) In Baradin Hold you'll obtain PVP Cataclysm offset/jewelry. 2) In Bastion of Twilight you'll obtain PVE Normal equipment 397, weapons. 3) In Firelands you'll obtain PVE heroic equipment 410. 4) Future new raids future new loots. ------------------------------------------------------- All bgs working/3v3 solo que will be realeased if few days. 1v1 arena que on development too. VOTE SYSTEM WORKING- VOTE/DONATE SHOP WILL BE REALEASED TOO. ----------------------- https://syndicate-wow.com/ https://discord.gg/xJXcwB
  6. Thank you for your appreciation. I can only say that this repack deserves to be tried. Unfortunately this forum is not very active with regard to repacks.
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    Don't worry @Madness, I'm always here
  8. NEWS

    Thanks bro. Nice to see this stay here and I'm going to be working on the site really soon.
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    Hi dear WoWBBers, Our Administrator @Madness just bought a new licence for the website. We should thank him for lasting this website online more! Maybe i am asking much but if we can do something for this website or at least for Admin ( @Madness) to try picking up the population. I hope WoWBB Staff will be often online and often help people who deserve help! I'll give my best to contribute with this website and with our friendly admin which is going to add more funny features, etc .. Let's be a part of this small community and join it with <3 ( Heart )
  10. Good work Irome, I might even try this myself!
  11. [CUSTOM] Release Added Modules: AccountAchievements, Anticheat, BossAnnouncer, CongratsOnLevel, CustomLogin, CustomServer, DuelReset, GMSecurity, LearnSpells, MoneyForKills, NPCAllMounts, NPCBeastMaster, NPCBuffer, NPCCodebox, NPCEnchanter, NPCGambler, PremiumAccount, PvPTitles, RandomEnchants, RewardSystem, SoloCraft, StartGuild, Transmog, VASAutoBalance November-01-2017 x86 (Nov-01-2017) 3.3.5a (With-Modules) (32-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar x64 (Nov-01-2017) 3.3.5a (With-Modules) (64-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar
  12. good to be here

    1. Madness


      Thank you mate :) good to have you here!

  13. [TrinityCore] Ultimate Repack! 3.3.5

    Hi Kriz, It could be your DBC files, or just a bug with your client perhaps. Check that you have good DBC files and perhaps even try another repack, see if you have the same issue.
  14. Hi everyone, after a long wait finally came the [NEW] release compiled with the latest updates on Windows 10 64-bit: Official Release October-17-2017 x86 (Oct-17-2017) 3.3.5a (Clean-Release) (32-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar x64 (Oct-17-2017) 3.3.5a (Clean-Release) (64-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar
  15. [TrinityCore] Ultimate Repack! 3.3.5

    Hi! Greetings from the future, I'm on the year 2017, and I dsicovered an armor glitch. Can't UNDRESS my caracter, armor parts stay even when I remove them :s I'm not skilled at compiling TrinityCore (did it just for fun, all of Azeroth belongs to me and my girlfriend -just remembered a movie I watched some day- :D), and I'm not just saying "do the work for me", but any advice will be helpful. Thanks for all your hard work.
  16. Project Tirisfal Recruitment

    • What is exactly Project Tirisfal? Project Tirisfal is a progressive Wrath of the Lich King server created by a small team of developers in December 2016. Our goal is to provide the community with the opportunity to relive the old days of Northrend in an outstanding manner, both in terms of the quality of content (scripting, attention to detail, stability) and the suitability of our team (dedication, communication, transparency, love for the game). The server is going to have PvE rulesets along with Blizzlike rates. Content release will start from 3.0.2 progressing through tiers all the way up to 3.3.5. The Project is currently in the Alpha state soon progressing to Closed Beta. • What aspects differentiate us from other Projects? We are a dedicated team of developers with significant experience in the WoW emulation scene. Our Core has received over 1500 fixes so far. Check our changelogs [HERE] or head over to our [YouTube channel] to see some of the changes made. We are hoping to upload more videos in the near future. The focus of our work is not only the in-game content. We have successfully created and tested a new infrastructure system to provide our players with top quality performance and reliability. A larger scale test is still required, which is scheduled to take place on a planned stress test. You can find more information about our new infrastructure [HERE]. We are trying to stay “under the radar” until more progress has been made. We have ambitions to create something remarkable, and for that we need not to rush things and take our time. • We are recruiting: Core Developers – C++ knowledge, experience with TrinityCore required. Database Developers - SQL/SAI knowledge, experience with TrinityCore Database required. Community Managers Discord/Forum Moderators Video Editor Social Media Manager Graphic Designer Game Masters • Contact Us Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via [Discord]. If you would like to apply, please fill the application format over on our [forum]. Thank you for your interest. Project Tirisfal Team
  17. Warlords of Draenor 6.2.3 German Blizzlike Server! - Archeology Playable - Garrison Playable - Pet Fighting Playable from lvl 15 - Pandaria Faction Selection Playable - Classes + professions well Playable - Battlegrounds are working - Dungeons and Raidfinder playable - and much more To list everything here would be too much Look at it on Midgard 6.2.3 Most of the Dungeons and Raids are Playable
  18. Latest plat

  19. The Welcoming to Sha. Greetings traveler! We came here from Dalaran to inform you with the latest news. It appears that the gnomish engineers of Codexgaming have once again surprised us! Thus we came here with the quest to inform you all of our newest realms. We have successfully brought up a new realm called Sha - Blizzlike! The rates on this server are Absolutely untouched. The Lich King has even forbidden the Gamemasters to be visible to players. All the in-game content is as it was at retail, and no Super Power items are added into the game. I'd like you to accept this quest to have a peek on the server itself! CodexGaming Forums Discord channel join now! Set Realmlist Logon.codexgaming.net -Server information- 24/7 (99% UPTIME) Anti DDoS protection Xeon D-1520-32GB 1GBIT 24/7 Support 32 GB of RAM 2x480 SSD RAID 1 500 GB backup storage 1 GBIT bandwidth Anti-DDoS Currently Recruiting: Gamemasters(0/2) Developers(SQL)(0/2) Developers(C++)(0/2) GFX(0/2) VFX(0/1) Realm information Sha - Blizzlike ; This realm is running completely blizzlike, where the commands and rules for ingame moderation are set very strictly, The rates are completely blizzlike, and you shall experience the true gameplay of world of Warcraft at its true level. Nexus - High rates ; This realm shall be created with the above-mentioned standard however the rates shall be higher, The end content shall remain the same however the rates to achieve your goals are set to x10. Future realm plans: Duskwood - Instant 80; This realm is basically a realm where you start of as a level 80 player, in your local faction mall (Stormwind | Orgrimmar), you get to experience the true player versus player action, due to you having to battle for better pieces of gear! Gnomerian - 255 Fun; the concept seems similar to different realms with the same idea, however, our plan is to still be different from these other realms. The level road as you know shall be used however revised to a completely new level, our standards are higher, as usual, to provide you with unique gameplay, From Dungeons to PVP, you shall be amazed by the results!
  20. WoWBB Staff wishes you @AdelaideZa  Happy Birthday! :)


  21. New Moderator :)

    @Chyssler Thanks!
  22. New Moderator :)

    damn, been a while since i last was on, sorry for that... however, Congrats Cyber :)... Happy to have u on the staff aswell
  23. [Help] From Cuba!!!

    I have spent years trying to compile and update my own personal server trinity core 335. But I always have new problems as time passes. Now I can not download from my country the boost and for Visual Studio that I have is 2015 but do not click me with cmake pk is not update 3. I need if someone of you can help me pk that web page does not open me and I am not clear the current steps to follow. The other would be that someone from me compile the core nothing but I have the msql and I pass the tools also for me to extract the pk maps I can not download more than 200 mb of internet and the maps weigh a lot. My email is anonluis@nauta.cu can write to me is the fastest way to communicate I do not have internet in the house and is a bit expensive to be connected all day. Now the TDB 335.63 I think if you can help me with the core that would at least allow me to play a while while I hope that the internet in this country is something normal.
  24. PrivateWoW-TopServers TopSite

  25. Emblazed-WoW 3.3.5 Funserver Non Pay to Win Server Server Changes are made Daily Most Servers now a days are pay to win. We dislike that concept. We have Tiers of gear higher then the Donor gear. Donor gear is used to further advance faster in the game as doing so helps the server with its fees. All donations go towards server 100%. We describe it as Pay to Advance. They still have to go through the quest chains to reach end game like any other player has to. They have a slight advantage over Regular players here on Emblazed-WoW but, its only temporary. We have decided to open the server for a small beta phase so we can balance out classes faster and get other peoples opinions on which classes are needing of serious nerfs. (cough paladin) Content Available at this time: 5 Instances 5 Tiers of Gears PVP Arenas Legion Artifacts Weapons Legion Models WOD Char Models Instant 85 mid to high rate funserver. NOTE: All content seen in this beta phase may change over time or be rewritten completely depending on how the players react and comment about it. So Come try us out @ Emblazed-WoW all patches are required here on Emblazed-wow All hate may be left at the door! Thank you! Do not flame my post with BullSh*t. Serious Feedback only! Currently Hiring Staff Members We are currently looking for: 2 gamemasters 2 event gamemasters 2 creature lua developers for custom fights Please email all forms to: Felnious12@gmail.com Name: Age: Years in retail wow: Years in private wow: Lua experience: Past staff history: Why you left staff on that server: Why would you wanna be apart of my staff: Why should i pick you: What ideas could you bring to this server: Minimum age 16 years of age
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