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    Syndicate-WoW Instant 85 Fun Realm, we currently roll 3 working raids, Baradin Hold, Bastion of Twilight and the new brand one (beta) Firelands. Note, our final goal is to open as many as possible Cataclysm expansion raids, with the help of our community surely we will! The loot structure I did is the following one (mandatory): 1) In Baradin Hold you'll obtain PVP Cataclysm offset/jewelry. 2) In Bastion of Twilight you'll obtain PVE Normal equipment 397, weapons. 3) In Firelands you'll obtain PVE heroic equipment 410. 4) Future new raids future new loots. ------------------------------------------------------- All bgs working/3v3 solo que will be realeased if few days. 1v1 arena que on development too. VOTE SYSTEM WORKING- VOTE/DONATE SHOP WILL BE REALEASED TOO. ----------------------- https://syndicate-wow.com/ https://discord.gg/xJXcwB
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    ORIGINAL THREAD : AzerothCore Repack | Open Source | x64 | WoTLK [3.3.5][/HR] .::. Information .::. What's AzerothCore ? It's a new project focussed on user-experience. For those who don't know SunwellCore, it was a TrinityCore-based game server application with many new features listed here. It's based on SunwellCore with few changes such as : Modular Structure Easy to create/update your database Active community (we are on gitter !) Never heard of SunwellCore? click me ! .::. Why us ? .::. Our main goal is to create a playable game server, offering a fully working game experience. In short, we focus on the user experience (UX). We also believe in software modularity, because the more the software is modular, and the more it will be easy to be maintained, understood, developed, etc... So we organized the structure of AzerothCore as modular as possible, giving the possibility to create new modules to add custom features (instead of patching the core). AzerothCore is a learning project. If you want to learn how to use C++, SQL, git, etc... you came to the right place! We will gladly to help you: programming is our passion. .::. Links .::. Official Site: http://www.azerothcore.org Git repo : https://github.com/azerothcore/azerothcore-wotlk Discord : https://discord.gg/gkt4y2x Wiki : https://github.com/azerothcore/azerothcore-wotlk/wiki Issue Tracker : https://github.com/azerothcore/azerothcore-wotlk/issues .::. Download .::. November-01-2017 [NEW] Release: x86 (Oct-17-2017) 3.3.5a (Clean-Release) (32-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar x64 (Oct-17-2017) 3.3.5a (Clean-Release) (64-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar x86 (Nov-01-2017) 3.3.5a (With-Modules) (32-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar x64 (Nov-01-2017) 3.3.5a (With-Modules) (64-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar Apr-27-2017: Release, (dbc, maps, mmaps, vmaps). Nov-03-2016: Release, (dbc, maps, mmaps, vmaps), AllInOne Maps. .::. Modules .::. Anticheat DuelReset GMSecurity PremiumAccount RandomEnchants RewardSystem Transmog VASAutoBalance .::. Login Info .::. This Repack was realized using (MySQL Portable) issued by Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack. So I will not take no merit. It doesn't contain the Dbc , Maps , Vmaps , Mmaps. So you'll have to download maps and extract them in the following location: .../CORE/DATA/ Database: Host: localhost Username: azerothcore Password: azerothcore Game Account: Username: admin Password: admin .::. Modules Info .::. Module and server settings can be changed or disabled by accessing .conf files. In the last release they are located in the following path: Core/Settings To add a custom NPC, run the command from a privileged account (admin) and position your character at the point where you want to add the NPC. The command is .npc add the NPC ID. For example, Transmog will be: .npc add 190010 ALL MOUNTS VENDOR - 601014 BEASTMASTER - 601026 BUFFER - 601016 CODEBOX - 601021 ENCHANTER - 601015 GAMBLER - 601020 TRANSMOG - 190010 or 190015
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    Thank you for your appreciation. I can only say that this repack deserves to be tried. Unfortunately this forum is not very active with regard to repacks.
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    [CUSTOM] Release Added Modules: AccountAchievements, Anticheat, BossAnnouncer, CongratsOnLevel, CustomLogin, CustomServer, DuelReset, GMSecurity, LearnSpells, MoneyForKills, NPCAllMounts, NPCBeastMaster, NPCBuffer, NPCCodebox, NPCEnchanter, NPCGambler, PremiumAccount, PvPTitles, RandomEnchants, RewardSystem, SoloCraft, StartGuild, Transmog, VASAutoBalance November-01-2017 x86 (Nov-01-2017) 3.3.5a (With-Modules) (32-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar x64 (Nov-01-2017) 3.3.5a (With-Modules) (64-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar