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  1. NEWS

    Thanks bro. Nice to see this stay here and I'm going to be working on the site really soon.
  2. Good work Irome, I might even try this myself!
  3. good to be here

    1. Madness


      Thank you mate :) good to have you here!

  4. [TrinityCore] Ultimate Repack! 3.3.5

    Hi Kriz, It could be your DBC files, or just a bug with your client perhaps. Check that you have good DBC files and perhaps even try another repack, see if you have the same issue.
  5. PrivateWoW-TopServers TopSite

    Very nice! I wish you success.
  6. DrakeTeam Warlords of Draenor 6.2.4 V3

    I've never seen that before mate. Try and run WoW.exe as an Administrator.
  7. Looks very cool guys, good luck and I wish you success.
  8. What should i take ?

    Nitair is right, iOS is very smooth right now but I personally REALLY don't like it. I prefer the Android OS, it seems more complete and less locked down. On iOS you are very restricted which I don't like and you can customise Android. I have the S7 and I like that a lot. Before this I had a iPhone 6s and I sent it back... to me it's just an over priced phone with nothing to offer. The S7/S8 camera is also super nice if you like taking pictures and they have much better hardware than the iPhones. The iPhone 7 however has a super nice dual camera. Over all it's your decision, but I would stick with Android.
  9. Count to 100,000!

    1 mil? That don't make sense bro! 72 comes after 71! 73
  10. Lets Get Rocked - Broadcasting 24/7!

    Moved to General Chat as this is not WoW related. Good luck however!
  11. Damn with it, i can't wait anymore!

    I think it's a great idea. I haven't done World of Warcraft Development for a while now due to personal life being busy. If I had the time I would totally do the same kind of thing. Go for it dude I'd be happy to check it out. I was also thinking of trying a few old private servers to see how they are.
  12. Developers Applications

    It's hard to find good developers. Most are either retired or working on their own stuff. I would recommend for you to try and learn C++ and MySQL so you can make your own scripts.
  13. MediaUloads -- File Sharing

    Nice domain and website dude! Is it yours?
  14. Not yet but if it gets to a point where there isn't much activity I might have to. This forum is costing me money to keep up and there's no point if no one is using it. Might even be worth making a new community.