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  1. FusionCMS Sign-in & Register Error

    Issue has been resolved, sorry for wasting Your time I wasted a lot of time for myself as well. :/
  2. FusionCMS Sign-in & Register Error

    Yeah it is my PC, I was able to login on my phone to the same account, and register a new account. Sorry about that guys! I feel quite dumb right now, lol You can put this issue to Solved if You like =)
  3. FusionCMS Sign-in & Register Error

    Got the website up, it is running on Xampp on a Windows 8.1 OS X64 bit, I can access the website Login and Register feature on Lan, but cannot access it on my own computer, An Error Was Encountered The action you have requested is not allowed. That is the error, you can see it for yourself at http://divine-wow.net Just try to register and it will pop up. =(
  4. FusionCMS Sign-in & Register Error

    Thanks cyberpro, I think it might be something to do with the operating system itself, cause I can see everything on the site but the forms don't work (I don't have access to them ) I will upload those new files to my host in a few hours for anyone to test =)
  5. Cheapest-Hosts (List)

    I will add that to the list, thank you Kyanite
  6. FusionCMS Sign-in & Register Error

    No, i put up a temporary page, I think it has something to do with the operating system of the vps, it doesn't seem to allow any outside users to access apache. :/
  7. FusionCMS Sign-in & Register Error

    Woops! sorry about that Madness here is the correct address, my bad. = http://divine-wow.net/
  8. FusionCMS Sign-in & Register Error

    It didn't fix it I cleared the browser Cache and redirected the cookie path to my current path. Can you try the website? I think it is Cache related but I am not sure, the functions i am referring to is the Sign-in and Register www.divine-wow.net
  9. FusionCMS Sign-in & Register Error

    Thank you Madness i appreciate your reply
  10. FusionCMS Sign-in & Register Error

    Hi, So I got my Fusioncms V6 website working and I have been running into the issue below, Everything on the site works good except the Register and Sign-In feature. An Error Was Encountered The action you have requested is now allowed. It only does this error on the Sign-In and Register features, I have all the modules and php extensions enabled and working, and Cache, Config and Modules is writable. Anyone know a fix for this? thanks =) NOTE: It works fine on the Host when i view it, but not on my Personal Computer.
  11. The END

    I guess I saw this post a little late, Just wanted to say good luck in Your future Cyberpro98, I have seen the way You help people and I hope that things go well for You man. -Divine
  12. (April 26nd-2016-)Legit Money Earned Online

    It sometimes has issues with loading but most of the time it is pretty reliable, I personally recommend doing the Daily Online Survey, it will earn you a cashout the quickest, I hope that people will find this helpful
  13. Hey all, so after many days of trying to find a company that actually pays me I found one and received payment VIA Paypal, I will post an image here That is my Paypal account, a small amount of money in it I know... The payment at the bottom that says * Payment from 99 Ventures Ltd * is the name of the company also known as SuperPay.Me - this payment is 1.27USD in size. They have a minimum cashout of 1.00$ usd, and most of the surveys are 0.80$ or more, the survey I did was worth 1.27usd and I got a cashout just to test it. Note: You aren't going to make a full-time income doing this unless You have a lot of referrals, but it will help pay the bills for Your Private Server host or buy you an every-other day lunch or dinner. Click on the image below and it will take you to the website, signup is 100% free, I have been around the whole site and know that there is no paid features, this company has good reviews based on many internet sources as well, Also, the more referrals that You have the more money You make, some people are making around 10-20$ per hour for just a couple referrals, You earn money either way but it does give bonuses. Also, I have been on this forum for over a year now, And I want to help this forum and it's Members thrive, because I believe it has great potential. If i am breaking the rules please let me know, and also to those people who think I am just trying to get them to sign up as a referral under me, I would like if You would use the referral link to sign up as it costs You nothing, and the reason I am keeping my self as a referral is because I have been unable to work, I was disabled for 5 months after complications with my surgery (Appendectomy Surgery) and I am just trying to make a couple extra dollars to invest in some business ideas which I will post here once they get going, if You want more proof of this Website You are more then welcome to add me on Skype and ask any questions You want, or ask me on WoWBB Ask for my Skype and I will give it
  14. [3.3.5a] Darkmoon - Progressive High-Rate

    Good luck man, looks like a good project.
  15. Divine-WoW(Official) 3.3.5a Blizzlike Progressive

    Bump, Server development has started again and We hope to launch again in the next 2 months after Our Core and Website has been perfected.