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  1. [Trinity] [3.3.5] Sha - Blizzlike

    Ummm, is this 335 server or ? Good luck with server !
  2. WOW! Awesome! Note : Don't copy and paste from other websites your announce .. Better remove some letter and rewrite it so it won't be like this black/white.
  3. Happy Birthday to Me ^_^ <3 

  4. NEWS

    Don't worry @Madness, I'm always here
  5. NEWS

    Hi dear WoWBBers, Our Administrator @Madness just bought a new licence for the website. We should thank him for lasting this website online more! Maybe i am asking much but if we can do something for this website or at least for Admin ( @Madness) to try picking up the population. I hope WoWBB Staff will be often online and often help people who deserve help! I'll give my best to contribute with this website and with our friendly admin which is going to add more funny features, etc .. Let's be a part of this small community and join it with <3 ( Heart )
  6. WoWBB Staff wishes you @AdelaideZa  Happy Birthday! :)


  7. New Moderator :)

    @Chyssler Thanks!
  8. Blizzlike World of Warcraft Forum Theme

    Wow! Awesome !! I like it, may we know what's the price of theme ? ^_^
  9. What should i take ?

    Hello guys! I am in big problem ... I'll take in 2-3 weeks a new phone so i don't know which one to pick. At the moment i have Samsung Galaxy S4. But i wanted to get iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus. Now there's new brand Samsung Galaxy S7/Samsung Galaxy S8 .. Well i really don't know what to take, when you see from one angle there's better S8 than iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 plus ... I am looking on internet about those things, the differences between these phones ... I am really undecided, What do you consider me to take ? ^_^ I'll appreciate your consideration !
  10. What should i take ?

    Guys i took iPhone 7 on Sunday (13/05/2017) It's awesome!
  11. Awesome! I like their web design!
  12. Wow Ingame 335, You dont know that language

    This thread has been closed. If you require further assistance, please create a new thread.
  13. Wow Ingame 335, You dont know that language

    Good! Well done!
  14. Happy Birthday Chyssler! 



  15. What should i take ?

    @Madness Thanks for your advice .. But i've decided to take iPhone 7
  16. What should i take ?

    I definetly decided to take Iphone 7 or 7 Plus ^_^ <3 Thanks @Nitair for your opinion and sharing with me your considerations <3
  17. Glad to see some 4.3.4 Cataclysm Server ^_^ Wishing best luck!
  18. Count to 100,000!

    Haahahahah never matter i just wanted to finish before everyone ^_^
  19. League of Legends

    Hello guys! I have to ask! Is anyone of here playing League of Legends ? If so, write the SERVER and your Summoner Name Maybe we can do parties when are IP BOOSTS ^_^ ^_^
  20. Count to 100,000!

  21. Hey WoWBBers how's going ? I have to say that i can't anymore ... I am going to download TC 335 or something other core to start working little bit ^_^ I think I'm in my heart big WoWer so I'll start to make some TC server for fun and maybe helping to people with resolving their problems while compiling TC ... Maybe will be a few videos of me ( maybe ) What do you say about that ?
  22. Damn with it, i can't wait anymore!

    Thanks @Nitair ^_^
  23. Lets Get Rocked - Broadcasting 24/7!

    Wish best of luck !
  24. WoWBB Staff wishes you Happy Birthday and all the best from the world! :) ^_^ :D