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  1. RELEASE?! We will officially be releasing the 2nd June, 2017.
  2. Thanks guys. The feedback is appreciated! Officially releasing the 15th of September.https://wowzealot.com/Join our discord (for further communication below):https://discordapp.com/invite/Vh7yjk2Forums:http://forums.wowzealot.com
  3. The official release date is set to the 2nd June, 2017. We're looking forward to it! - https://wowzealot.com/
  4. BattleTop100.com is a Private Server Gaming Top 100 list with several of features to the server admins as well as the players to find the server they've been looking for. BattleTop100 offers: - Fast registration - A clean and easy navigation through the website - More traffic / player interest - Organized toplist that removes all the broken links on a daily basis. - 24/7 Online - Easy voting for your players. -- BattleTop100 - Top 100 Games List and Private Server Database - Home
  5. A few fixes has been coded to the website. On top of that, the page has gotten pagination added (page switch) when there are over 50 servers listed. Premium has been decreased to $5.99 for the first months, if anyone is interested. - http://www.battletop100.com/