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  1. Not much right now. The server still on beta. If you have more questions add me on skype (name: Esdeath pic: rat).
  2. Hello everyone! Gods of Warcraft wow private server. Instant level 85. helpfull and active staff members!. Daily quests, custom dungeons, scripted raids and too many things. Feel free to report all bugs that u find. To register visit our website http://godsofwarcraft.com/ and let the fun begin! (set realmlist godsofwarcraft.com). Some info about the server:- Arenas: - Test all arenas - All are working. - Added npc that show top 200 2vs2, 3vs3, 5vs5 Teams. Daily quests: - Tested. all working. 410/416 Gear: - Main-Set cost 2400 honor points. - Off-Set costs 1600 honor points. - Weapons cost 3400 Conquest Points. + earning a total of 6000 Conquest Points for the season. - Trinkets cost 1600 honor points. - Jewelry cost 1200 honor points. - Legendary Weapons cost 3400 Conquest Points. + earning a total of 6000 Conquest Points for the season. Mall: - Custom Tabard/shirts. - Custom Sanctuary Tmog area on tele / command - Custom Non Starter Vendor area on tele / command - More items for pvp seasons - More items for pve tiers - Tradeskill Scrolls vendor (100 honor each) - Icons for all buttons on teleporter - Add Icons to Beastmaster NPC - Custom scripts for all world bosses. - Add duel to tele - Mounts extended costs - Make elite 410 PvP Gear Vendor a multivendor - Point of interest guard menus. - 50 Token of Honer for 1000 honer points. - 100 Token of honer for 200 Conquest points. - All 359 gear cost 800 honer points each item. Coming soon Announcement: - Cross item x-mog (Exp: Plate to leather). Best Regards, Gods Of Warcraft staff.