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    Developing WoW Servers from Scratch. Fuck that Repack shit!
  1. Emblazed-WoW 3.3.5 Funserver Non Pay to Win Server Server Changes are made Daily Most Servers now a days are pay to win. We dislike that concept. We have Tiers of gear higher then the Donor gear. Donor gear is used to further advance faster in the game as doing so helps the server with its fees. All donations go towards server 100%. We describe it as Pay to Advance. They still have to go through the quest chains to reach end game like any other player has to. They have a slight advantage over Regular players here on Emblazed-WoW but, its only temporary. We have decided to open the server for a small beta phase so we can balance out classes faster and get other peoples opinions on which classes are needing of serious nerfs. (cough paladin) Content Available at this time: 5 Instances 5 Tiers of Gears PVP Arenas Legion Artifacts Weapons Legion Models WOD Char Models Instant 85 mid to high rate funserver. NOTE: All content seen in this beta phase may change over time or be rewritten completely depending on how the players react and comment about it. So Come try us out @ Emblazed-WoW all patches are required here on Emblazed-wow All hate may be left at the door! Thank you! Do not flame my post with BullSh*t. Serious Feedback only! Currently Hiring Staff Members We are currently looking for: 2 gamemasters 2 event gamemasters 2 creature lua developers for custom fights Please email all forms to: Felnious12@gmail.com Name: Age: Years in retail wow: Years in private wow: Lua experience: Past staff history: Why you left staff on that server: Why would you wanna be apart of my staff: Why should i pick you: What ideas could you bring to this server: Minimum age 16 years of age