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  1. Central Quest Hub (Unfinished) Dinosaur Questing Area (Unfinished) Harpy Questing Area (Unfinished) Mogu Artifact Area (Unfinished)
  2. -------------------------- Undying-WoW would like to welcome you through our doors, so that you can get your new years reward, which is free wrathful! We offer a different kind of PvP realm, we have all of the Arena Systems such as Arena Spectator, 1v1 Rated Arena, Daily Events & Bosses, Legion/WOD/MOP/Cata Mounts and much much more! Undying is always open for suggestions on how to improve the realm, how we can make the server a better place for everyone, we care about our community. -------------------------- [ -------------------------- Undying WoW - 3.3.5a Fun PvP Instant 80 Realm Website : Undying-WoW - Fun PvP Realm Connect : Undying-WoW - Connection Guide Forum : Undying-WoW - Private Server Forums