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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, It was a long time since V2 was released, now It's time for V3 and later in december (hint, hint xmas) V4 will release! No doubble spawns this time, DB is not a mess. Anyhow Enjoy this release! What's Working? Spells & Talents: Most of them are working, but theres still alot to be fixed. (again) Classic Dungeons: Blackfathom Deeps – Working Blackrock Depths – Working Blackrock Mountain – Working Dire Maul – Working Gnomeregan – Working Lower Blackrock Spire – Working Maraudon – Working Ragefire Chasm – Working Razorfen Downs – Working Razorfen Kraul – Working Scarlet Halls – Working Scarlet Monastery – Working Scholomance – Working Shadowfang Keep – Working Stratholme – Working Sunken Temple – Working The Deadmines – Working The Stockade – Working Uldaman – Working Upper Blackrock Spire – Working Wailing Caverns – Working Zul'Farrak – Working Burning Crusade Dungeons: Auchenai Crypts – Working Hellfire Ramparts – Working Magister's Terrace – Working Mana-Tombs – Working Old Hillsbrad Foothills – Working Sethekk Halls – Working Shadow Labyrinth – Working The Arcatraz - Working The Black Morass - Working The Blood Furnace – Working The Botanica - Working The Mechanar – Working The Shattered Halls – Working The Slave Pens - Working The Steamvault - Working The Underbog - Working Wrath of the Lich King Dungeons: Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom – Working Azjol-Nerub – Working Drak'Tharon Keep – Working Gundrak – Working Halls of Lightning – Working Halls of Reflection - Working Halls of Stone – Working Pit of Saron – Working The Forge of Souls – Working The Nexus – Working The Oculus – Working The Violet Hold – Working Trial of the Champion – Not Available Utgarde Keep – Working Utgarde Pinnacle – Working Cataclysm Dungeons: Blackrock Caverns – Working End Time – Working Grim Batol – Working Halls of Origination – Working Hour of Twilight – Working Lost City of the Tol'vir – Working Shadowfang Keep – Working The Deadmines – Working The Stonecore – Working The Vortex Pinnacle – Working Throne of the Tides – Working Well of Eternity – Working Zul'Aman – Working Zul'Gurub – Working Mists of Pandaria Dungeons: Gate of the Setting Sun – Working Mogu'Shan Palace – Working Scarlet Halls – Working Siege of Niuzao Temple – Working Stormstout Brewery – Working Temple of the Jade Serpent – Working Warlords of Draenor Dungeons: Not Fully Spawned, will come in Version 4 Battlegrounds & Arenas: Most of them should be working. World Content: Warlords of Draenor World Bosses Working. Draenor: Shadowmoon Valley: factions corrected & spawned & rare mobs loot added. General & Misc Content: Draenor almost fully spawned & faction & lvl corrected, and populated! Enchanting Fully Works. Trinket Procs Works. Transmogrification Works. Trade Works. Inspect Works. Duel Works. Auction House Works. Black Market Works. Achievements Fully Working. Professions Working. Quests 1-85 working and stable, 85-100 still buggy and some might be missing, but should work. ACCOUNT: Username: admin@admin Password: admin DOWNLOADS: Client: CLICK HERE Server Files: CLICK HERE PICTURES COMING SOON. Full credit to HeroicDev for the release, I'm simply sharing it.