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How did your WoW / WoW Emulation Quest begin?


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As the title says, I'm actually interested in finding out how you guys got into WoW private server emulation!


Here's my story.


I started playing WoW with a RL friend during vanilla. He quit and I continued playing, then my brother joined in. We met some REALLY cool people/players and one of them managed to get a mangos server up and running. Back then it was DAMN buggy, but so cool! We messed about with commands and other aspects of the game and enjoyed it.


Today, I continue to enjoy it, hence why I made this forum for everyone to share knowledge and experiences.


Any way, how did you get into World of Warcraft / World of Warcraft Private Server Emulation?

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Lemme say my story too! 


I started to play with my friend WoW 2.4.3 , there were a server called Oberton 2.4.3 ... It was based on ARCEMU core, the core was so good and worked so much on that core i am sure in that 1100%.

The other people had VIP etc ... they were from Bulgaria and  i and my friend started from 0 and arrived to 100% of all... 

Even the VIP Players couldn't kill us :P

It was very great server guys ... but it has been taken down ...  


So i asked myself " Hey why i can't make a server like them ? If they have what i can't ? "

So i started to search on internet about servers WoW etc .. i begged the people to help me but nobody of them wanted to help me and i learned step by step some funny things and good ... And yea i released after 3-4 years my first repack called Mental WoW :P


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