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What should i take ?

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Hello  guys! 

I am in big problem ... I'll take in 2-3 weeks a new phone so i don't know which one to pick.

At the moment i have Samsung Galaxy S4.

But i wanted to get iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus. 

Now there's new brand Samsung Galaxy S7/Samsung Galaxy S8 .. 

Well i really don't know what to take, when you see from one angle there's better S8  than iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 plus ...

I am looking on internet about those things, the differences between these phones ... I am really undecided, 

What do you consider me to take ? ^_^ I'll appreciate your consideration !

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I got an iPhone 7 2 weeks ago.

I always had android phones before (Google Nexus 4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S5, HTC One M9). If you just want use daylie based tasks, so I would say, take iPhone 7. iOS is running very smooth, apps are opening instantly. If you want to do more (like changing core speed, cracking apps etc), so take the S7, S8. I'm happy with my iPhone.

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Nitair is right, iOS is very smooth right now but I personally REALLY don't like it. I prefer the Android OS, it seems more complete and less locked down. On iOS you are very restricted which I don't like and you can customise Android.

I have the S7 and I like that a lot. Before this I had a iPhone 6s and I sent it back... to me it's just an over priced phone with nothing to offer. The S7/S8 camera is also super nice if you like taking pictures and they have much better hardware than the iPhones. The iPhone 7 however has a super nice dual camera.

Over all it's your decision, but I would stick with Android.


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